Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Here is another one, this is so cliche I think we are all tired of hearing about it. But it's better coming from me because you know I get all the good stuff. Boy meets girl, girl likes boy, and boy just wants to get in those pants. So naturally boy says all the right things to get what he wants, right? No, he actually tells the truth and still gets what he wants, I guess in her mind she thought that would make him like her. How wrong was she, see ladies this is where you mess up. If a guy or girl for that matter tells you all they want is something physical take it for what it is. Stop trying to make it something that it is not and getting upset about it, it gets you know where. In the end the other person still gets what they want and can walk away from you, or can they? Occasionally guys you will run into the stalker type, the one who will call your phone all day and text when you don't answer, leave multiple voice mails and pop up at your house. But that is where you make the mistake, never bring the "one nighter" to your house, neutral grounds people neutral grounds. I'm going to have to write some of you fellas and ladies the handbook on casual relationships because you all have it very twisted, and that is why there are people who suffer from fatal attractions. First off you gotta be able to see the signs and if they do manage to fool you it shouldn't matter because they should never know where you work, go to school, or places that you frequent, that way you never have to see them again. Come on lets wizen up so you don't end up like my friend who has numerous girls who knew they were nothing but booty calls but now want relationships. I laugh to myself at these young girls who think these hot guys really want to be tied down. What is it that the rappers Drake and Weezy said? "I just want to "love" every girl in the world", take that literal ladies.

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